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This weekend (when I wasn’t feeling totally inconsolably sorry for myself) I finally got to grips with our new apartment! I am proud to say that I have now spent four solid days here. Having travelled for work and family for the six weeks since leaving my last place, the comfort of knowing that I am home is awesome.

When it comes to decorating, Ols and I have been pretty strict on what is coming and going. Anything which we don’t totally love is out, and things which steal our hearts in seconds are in. Our apartment is in an old building which already has a tonne of great features – natural light, wooden beams, high ceilings – but with that comes the risk of everything looking a little too twee. We’ve been splitting our furniture 50/50 – some modern, some second hand. So far we’ve bought an IKEA corner sofa, a large oak dining table and lots of bits and bobs to add personality. Given our strict – love or lob it – rules it is taking time to gather everything together and so we’ve resigned ourselves to the fact that it will probably be a good few more weeks, if not months, before we can totally think “yeah, we got this.”

Right now, everything is a novelty and I’ll just continue to enjoy the “I’m making coffee – in our apartment – in our mugs!” moments.

Here are five interior design links inspiring me right now:

1. Easy DIY Art on Advice From A Twentysomething. So far Ols and I have been framing all of the art which has never had a home for showcasing previously. I am in love with the Jelly prints our friends at Hector and Haddock sent to us. This post from Amanda Holstein on Easy DIY Art is a great way of injecting some pizazz into a room with minimal effort and expense. I’m definitely going to give it a go once I turn my attention to my home office.

2. Eye of the Dreamer Pillowcases on Jasmine Dowling. I first came across Jasmine Dowling through one of my favourite bloggers Geneva from A Pair And A Spare. Jasmine’s hand written typography totally got me and it looks like a lot of you love it tooThese Dreamer Pillowcases are so fun.

3. Gorgeous Barn Interiors at The Long Barn. Get this – a beautiful old barn set in amongst acres of lavender – yep it’s heaven. I love to escape to The Long Barn in Hampshire, soak up the earthy perfume and chow down on the yummy cakes in their cafe. The interiors here have been one of the main influences on mine and Ols’ choice of dining tables, their old farmhouse style mixed with contemporary pieces makes for seriously photogenic interiors.

4. U.S. Army Capatain Katie del Castillo’s Washington DC Apartment Tour on The Evergirl. I am obsessed with The Evergirl’s apartment tours, each of them is b-e-a-utiful and features an inspiring female mind behind them. This tour of U.S. army captain Katie del Castillo’s apartment is jaw-droppingly good. Not only is Katie’s apartment designed impeccably, with touches such as a gallery wall and the perfect bed stand, but her own personal story of army officer by day and interiors enthusiast by night is heartwarming.

5. Copper Curve Floor Lamp on Marks & Spencer. Lighting is my #1 requirement for a room. I have made my mind up on both my old apartment and our new one on the natural light. When the evening turns I love to switch on pretty soft lighting and this copper floor lamp has shot straight to the top of my lust list. Right now it’s on sale too.

Do you guys love the links above? What is inspiring your home right now?

Have a super day all!


MB x
  • laura Madalene

    I love your seashell wreath, Cindy–very pretty! Thank you for hosting the party, and here’s to a happy New Year for you in a new home.. bedroom design