Black Lacey Boux Avenue – A Gift From You To You

With Christmas right around the corner I am sure we are all concerned with finding the perfect gifts for friends and family, but hey, what about the person you spend most of your time with? Here’s looking at you lady.

Last night I had the pleasure of attending an amazing event with lingerie brand Boux Avenue. I have often found myself in the deep depths of no clue as to where to get my everyday lingerie from, and for my sins, have often ended up bulk buying in Primark. A high street price point and attractive aesthetic just didn’t seem to be something which I could find…until now. 
Enter Boux Avenue.
I first noticed the store when it popped up in Westfield during my University years, as my college was right around the corner from Shepherds Bush I was often found to be
shopping studying the stores of Westfield. Shame on me for not having made the steps actually into the Boux store until yesterday. What greeted us was a beautiful feminine salon interior, with friendly staff who were neither initimidating nor uninterested. I went on to have a bra fitting, something which has always made me feel a little uncomfortable. Or more precisely always finished in my being offered hideous canon ball sized bras in styles which screamed ‘I do not wish anyone to see me in my underwear ever, not even me in my reflection, this is purely for support.’ Ugh. Thank the Boux Belles then for being completely normal and sweet and measuring me up in a jiffy, suggesting styles which were pretty and fitted a treat.

Chloe Lace Plunge Bra: £22 
 I am a pureist when it comes to my underwear and pretty much only wear black lace, with the odd nude thrown in for sheer tops. The Chloe Lace Balconette Bra ticked all my boxes, it’s tight on the back, with full cups and a subtle lace. I am of the opinion that should someone accidentally get a sneak of your bra, say if you’re wearing a loose-fitting vest or a shirt buttons pings off (the horror), it should be a piece which you would be proud to be seen in. A Boux bra is one of those babes.

Have you guys heard of Boux Avenue? Are you compiling a list of gifts for yourself too? What is your favourite bra style?

Have a super day all!


MB x