Thursday, 31 July 2014

1 Easy Tip To Organise Your Office Space

Today I am sharing a crazy easy tip on office organisation, one which is so incredulously simple I hope you all get DIY-happy with it - like I did!

Simply take a small nail, and hammer it into the wall above your desk at eyeline level. Then use an ordinary bull dog clip - available in most stationary stores, supermarkets and online - to hold ANYTHING you like. I've used mine for keeping my passport safe - with a vintage post card attached to it too, encouraging me to book my next holiday! I've also used the bulldog clip to hold onto magazines - in particular ones which I love the cover of and so would not wish to turn into material for my inspiration board. On a practical note the 'bulldog clip organisation method' - official name - is REALLY good for keeping hold of receipts or reminders, and because they're always in your eye line, there's no getting away from them!

What do you guys think? Will you be giving this easy DIY a whirl? 

Tomorrow I am sharing the final instalment of The Elgin Avenue's home office week; I hope that you guys have been enjoying it so far. Thank you so much for all of the comments and tweets - I love hearing how you guys are getting on!

Today I am hitting up a couple of press days, as well as heading here for an afternoon treat and an event later. Phew! Follow my Thursday adventures on Instagram

Have an awesome day all!


MB x

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

6 Superstar Bloggers Share Their 'Work From Home' Tips

I am SO excited today to share with you tips from some of my top blogger pals on working from home. Without further ado, I'm turning today's post over to them: 

Wendy Gilmore, Thankfifi, Glasgow: 

"Take fresh air and people breaks! Before I had my dog, Mr K, I sometimes found I hadn't left the house for days.  Taking regular lunch breaks to get some fresh air, stretch your legs and talk to real people (not just via email!) is healthy, keeps your brain on track and helps you use your time more productively.

And on the home office...

Surround yourself with things which inspire you - new shoes, postcards, colours - anything which keeps your mind happy should be on display on shelves or stuck on the wall.  Think of yourself as a 1 woman design studio!"
Ella Gregory, Cocos Tea Party, London: 

"To make my desk space more personal I save the jars from nice candles - Jo Malone, Diptyque etc - and use them as pen pots and storage space."

Amanda Holstein, Advice From A Twenty Something, New York: 

"Creating an inspiring, well-organized, and inviting work space is essential when working from home. Have fun decorating your desk - add color and any bits and pieces that spark your creativity. You want your space to get you excited about working, so make it as warm and inviting as you can."

Reem Kanj, Five Five Fabulous, London & Dubai:

"In my experience one of the most important things to do when working from home is separating the two. I used to find it so hard being at home working and resisting tidying up a little, or going to the supermarket to get things for dinner. I realised that I was eating into my work hours and ended up working all night to make up for it, resulting in late rises the next day! It's a vicious cycle and you won't even realise that it's a problem until you establish that when you're at home working, that's all you should focus on, save the chores for later! 

I also invested in a desktop computer and set up an office area (you can also do this by simply getting a desk and setting up your laptop to be there and not working from your sofa), because one of my other problems was working too much. So now, I make sure that when it's time to shut down, I'm not tempted to open up my laptop on the sofa and start working again when I should really be getting some down time with the future hubby!"

Anna Hart, South Molton St Style, London: 

"Get up early, dressed and get yourself out of the house for 15 minutes before you start your day. As great as the dream of working on the sofa in pyjamas is, you're efficiency is terrible.  I try and get out and go for run, or at least walk the dog, before 8.30 every day - at my desk for 9 just like anyone in an office!"

Alex Stedman, The Frugality, London: 

"I think my biggest tip is just getting used to the different balance. And appreciate a day off. Now I'm back in full-time work (Alex is at Red Magazine) I am seriously missing my nephew, as I would pop round and see him twice a week . . . it's easy to keep drumming up work and keep yourself on the go - but actually, the biggest thing I realised was what my body needed. A day off here and there and a chance to catch up with family, admin, my nan, was what my body needed for the right balance. 

Also, I do have a study. I work from a desktop surrounded by inspirational pictures and lots of Muji clear storage. It's good to associate this room with work. I know when I go in there, that is my office and I can get things done. So when I sit on my ipad in front of the tv, that's my relax time. There has to be a cut-off time and a different space for me to work in."

Thank you my gorgeous blogger girls for the fantastic tips! Let me know if you too found the girls' insight super helpful; and what your own experience of working from home or constructing a home office has been. 

Today I am back to back with meetings, but looking forward to seeing my cousin this evening who is over from America. Follow my Wednesday adventures on Instagram

Have a great day all!


MB x

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

DIY Inspiration Board

Hey peeps! It's only Tuesday and already I am SO enjoying home office week on The Elgin Avenue! 

Today I'm sharing a SUPER easy and effective DIY to personalise your home office space. One of the points which keeps coming up in my discussions with friends and readers, is that our working spaces need to INSPIRE us. Pinterest and the digital sphere can go a long way in aiding this, but nothing beats an old fashioned inspiration board; one which you can look up to when working at your computer, gain a little encouragement and flair from, and one which you can change up as often as you like. 

Read on for my simple steps to developing your own DIY inspiration board . . . 

Monday, 28 July 2014

How To Build A Home Office - The Basics

This week The Elgin Avenue is dedicated to discussing all things 'home office'. For months I was pondering my home work space, pinning, discussing, buying, unpacking . . . and finally I feel as if my little nook is coming together. SO for the next 5 days I'll be sharing pics and tips of my own home office, how you can construct your own, and a few fun items in between.
OK, so here’s the deal - building a home office is EASY. 

In fact, it is as easy as ‘desk + laptop’ - to paraphrase one of my fellow work-from-home-ers. 

That said, in order to get to the kind of Pinterest-worthy home office space we all not so secretly want, it takes a good base, and a lot of imagination further down the line. Today I bring to you: How To Build A Home Office - The Basics - laying down the foundations of an awesome home work space. Later in the week I’ll be discussing how to bring personality, colour and inspiration in to the equation. 

Here’s a list of the core items you’ll need, to get your home office started: 

Read on for my personal take on the home office, and a list of all of my favourite items and stores . . . 


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