Friday, 25 July 2014

5 Rabbit Warren Sites To Get Lost In This Weekend

OK we ALL do it. 

Please say we all do it?!

Clicking on one link, which leads to 'suggested reads', which leads to another article, which leads to . . .

Yep,  I am totally guilty of losing myself in certain sites. Fact is, these sites are the ones which provide me with content which I engage with, am inspired and informed by. So technically it is a PURPOSEFUL use of time. Read on for my top 5 Rabbit Warren sites to get lost in this weekend:

1: The Everygirl. MAN I love The Everygirl. From Career & Finance, through to Wellness, Living and Travel, The Everygirl covers all bases which a young 20-30 something girl would want to know about. The articles are always helpful and the photography is super pin-able.

Favourite article to date: Road Warriors: The Ups and Downs of Jet-Setting for a Job - a great insight into those who travel a lot for work/ inspiration for those who want to.

2: The Coveteur. Danger. Zone. The Coveteur is my number one 'guilty multiple clicker site'. Hmm catchy name. The subjects of The Coveteur's wardrobe tours, interviews, and articles are so intoxicatingly stylish it's like being dragged through a couture week party and having Edward Cullen life-reading skills on everyone. That's a LOT of fashion noise to take in.

Favourite article to date: Nicole Richie - I actually got re-lost in this article and ended up pinning almost every image. GAH it's good.

3: Advice From A Twenty Something. I love getting to know blogs which aren't so well known -  or rather, so well known YET because I am sure Amanda's will continue to bloom/boom. Amanda's blog is, as the name suggests, all encompassing advice from a twenty-something girl. I find her articles so easy to relate to, stylish and non-dictatorial.

Favourite article to date: I Heart New York - one for anyone thinking of making a big change. Go Amanda!

4. Domaine Home. I actually found Domain Home via their equally addictive Pinterest. Seriously, I swear you're never more than 5 pins away from a Domaine Home image when looking at interiors. Domaine Home showcases celebrity homes, how-tos, makeovers . . . anything and everything stylish and interiors focused. You MAY as well grab a glass of wine and settle in to it - you'll be here for a long time.

Favourite article to date: Styling Ideas For An Effortlessly Chic Coffee Table - OK I admit that it was nigh on impossible to pin down ONE article I love on Domaine, but I feel like this one is a good start and accessible for everyone.

5. Cupcakes & Cashmere. One of the first ever blogs I read, and still one which I get lost in daily. Style, DIYs, recipes, advice, beauty . . . Emily covers it all. I'm certain her site is designed so as to make it impossible not to click on EVERYTHING.

Favourite article to date: Weekday Wardrobe series - it is SO nice to see what a blogger wears day to day. I find Emily's weekday wardrobe series inspiring, and given that she always looks office-appropriate I think most other girls will too no matter what your occupation is.

OK so YOUR turn! Which web sites do you get lost in? There's always room for more . . . 

This weekend I am visiting my family who live quite far away, I can't wait to see them!

I hope you guys have lovely plans too. 


MB x

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Tie Waisted Shirts - Style Chat

Shorts: Zara (Old), Shirt: Vintage but Similar, Tank: Vintage, Bag: Alice & Olivia

When tie waisted shirts started doing the street style rounds, I felt it was a trend which would pass me by. HOWEVER after a couple of seasons of look-but-not-touch-ing, I fell for it. I fell hard. Born of necessity of not wanting to carry a big handbag/do the awkward jumper juggle, but knowing I needed an extra layer, I ended up tie waisting with the best of them and never looking back.
The tie waisted shirt predicates a nonchalant style, best worn in denim, checks or khaki. See girl crush Julie Sarinana for evidence. 

I for one have been rotating a checked shirt and a pale chambray. For the ultimate tie waist, do a couple of buttons up on your shirt before placing around your  waist and tie once. Placement is personal but I like the hips when wearing jeans, and a higher tie if wearing shorts. BONUS - the tie waisted shirt can demure-ify short shorts.

Have you fallen yet?! As always, leave me a comment below! 

Have an awesome day all!


MB x

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

A Weekend In Brighton

23 girls + Brighton = F.U.N!

Last Friday I packed my bags for an amazing, hilarious, wild 48hrs with 23 gorgeous girls in celebration of my beautiful friend Pandora's hen party in Brighton. A large percentage of what went down over the weekend is not appropriate for blog consumption, however the calmer moments spent exploring the beautiful bohemian town of Brighton make for some seriously pretty memories. 

Read on for a TONNE of sweet pics from our weekend, and my favourite things to do and shop . . . 

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Statement Jewels With Wallis

Of all the elements an outfit can consist of, jewellery totally has my heart. My heart and a huge section of my wardrobe. It figures then that when Wallis asked if I would be a part of a shoot to show off their latest jewellery pieces, I typed a very fast, very enthusiastic YES in return. 

In total we shot three Wallis Jewellery stories which will be featured on Wallis online over the next few weeks, stay tuned to my Twitter for updates. Today is the turn of our first styling feature, The Statement Piece. YAY!

Read on for more images, styling tips, and some behind the scenes snaps from the day . . . 


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