Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Embracing The Chill | Havaianas Rain Boots

Wellingtons: Havaianas Helios Mid Height in Aubergine | Blanket Scarf: Accessorize | Jeans: Levi's | Jumper: Old but Similar | Shirt (Worn Underneath) Levi's | Watch: Caravelle 

Wrapping up for the Autumnal chill is something I feel we all harbour a not so secret love for. I mean, how many of you are waiting on the cinnamon version of everything to hit the coffee shops?! Say it's not just me . . . ?! Equally, that moment when we can open the jumper drawer, grab a scarf, and if - like me - you're going to go leaf-kicking - you'll be pulling on your wellington boots too. Havaianas - most famously known for their flip flops - have branched out into rain boots. And YAY for that. I gave the Helios mid rain boot in aubergine (delicious colour) a whirl on a recent fruit tasting trip to Blackmore Farm. I love that the length is shorter than most boots (although they do come in full length too) as I was looking for a wellington which I could wear on days in the city, as well as in the countryside. 
nature's finest!

Read on for my favourite way to style my wellington boots . . . 

Monday, 20 October 2014

Reading Nook

Ciao bellissimas! I hope you all had an ace weekend, and are looking forward to kicking ass this week! I am totally starting this one with that kind of attitude! The past few weeks I have found it tricky to lock in desk time - time for posting and e-mails, in amongst face to face commitments. It's been kinda stressful. How to manage time, delegate tasks, maximise every hour . . . ! Phew, I feel like I'm figuring things out daily - if not hourly - and time management is one of my greatest challenges. To try and help me along I've been flicking back over my work from home posts! If you have any tips on staying on track at work, with productiveness, time divisions, scheduling . . . I am all ears! And I'll let you guys know how I get on too. 

OK back to nooks . . . 
As you may recall, Habitat recently came to shoot mine and Oli's new apartment. It was so lovely getting a different perspective on a space we are still getting to know ourselves. We have been quite hesitant in filling our rooms up with furniture, as 1) We have a major fear of cluttering, and 2) we are trying to invest in pieces we will love for a long time. What we've come to realise though is that some spaces do need more. I've harboured a fantasy of creating a little reading nook since we moved in, and now it looks like that fantasy may be becoming a reality! We have our eyes on one of those swoopy floor lamps, and I can't wait to select the perfect chair to curl up in. Naturally Pinterest has been a GREAT aid. 

Read on for more inspirational pics . . . 

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Blazer n' (Faux) Leather Pins

Jacket: Vintage Similar Here | Shirt: Jack Wills Old Season Similar Here | Bag: Ralph Lauren c/o | Faux Leather Leggings: New Look c/o 

Hey lovelies! Mid-week! Let's just have a little celebration for that! Booty shake! Do you ever get those days when you just feel like getting fancy? I was totally in that mind set last week when I went to the Apple store. Yep. The Apple Store. No rhyme or reason -  I could have happily stepped out of the house in a cocktail dress! Fortunately I opted for my faux leather trousers, and a blazer combo instead, but the fancy feeling was real. 

Shop The Look

This week has been crazy busy, I am actually looking forward to desk time on Friday. OH and getting that computer I was hunting for on Saturday. EEK - buying a desktop feels like pretty big news. Do you guys have any advice?

Hope you're all having an ace week!


MB x

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

5 Apple Recipes To Try This Autumn

Hey lovelies! Over the weekend I partook in one of Oli's annual family traditions - apple tasting at Blackmoor Farm. This was my second time at the event, and we all had a great, gorgeous, seasonal day out! I LOVE fresh produce, and nothing is more rewarding than returning home with a boot full of delicious fruit!

We've bought so many apples, that I am now manically Pinning how to cook these fellas up! Below are 5 apple recipes which have taken my fancy . . . 

OH MY do I love a great hearty, SO not boring salad! Kale is a cold-weather staple in my fridge, and I love Sarah's take incorporating apple. 

Even the TITLE of this recipe is YUM! I actually made a pancakes n' apple dessert last Friday - remember by starter/dessert pondering? - but I didn't think to put the apples IN the pancakes. This calls for exploration of apple + batter = deliciousness. 

3: Radicchio Apple and Pear Salad on Smitten Kitchen 

I'm trying to even out the apple recipes here, so they don't just lie on the apple sugary yumminess spectrum. Although apples DO taste gorgeous in desserts. I like them equally in salads, and this radicchio one looks just the ticket for serving on the side of an evening meal.  

4: Apple-Butternut Squash Soup on Martha Stewart 

I would in no way call myself a soup aficionado, but recently I've been given home made recipes a try. So far I've been sticking to tomato, but I am definitely giving this apple-slanted recipe a whirl. A hearty fresh soup is just the ticket for getting super snug in the colder months. 

5: Easy Apple and Apricot Crisps on Bakers Royale 

When my sister and I were younger, my Dad used to take us on a London day out a few times a year. We would always stop in for coffee and a pastry first thing at a cafe in Kensington, and I would ALWAYS have an apricot danish which looked similar-ish to this Bakers Royale recipe. I love the idea of adding apple to it!  These look so crazy delicious I am saving them for the weekend for fear of eating them every. day. this. week. 

I have to say, despite all these gorgeous recipes above - which I WILL try - my other favourite ways of eating our apples are pretty simplistic: Chopped over my cereal for breakfast / cut into slices with peanut butter as an evening snack (you MUST try it!) / straight up at my desk accompanied by a herbal tea. MAN they're good! And sometimes, simple IS best. 

Do you guys have any awesome apple recipes to share? Or seasonal feasts you're cooking up? Share one, share all!


MB x 
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