Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Our Home | Our Habitat

Good morning lovely ones! I am super excited to share with you the fruits of a very special shoot   with one of my favourite homeward brands - Habitat. Habitat popped on over to our apartment a few weeks ago and here are a few of my favourite images . . . 
You can see the full feature on Habitat online now. 


MB x 

Monday, 29 September 2014

Dress Up Monday

Skirt: Wishbone | Jumper: Boden c/o | Heels: Ursula Mascaro Similar | Bag: ALDO Similar Shape + Similar | Necklace: Similar 

Hello lovelies! How has Monday been treating you? Did some of you use my wakeup well tips?! Ironically I have felt kind of groggy all day but I blaming that one on the grumpy weather - bring back the Autumnal sunshine!
Anyhu, setting that aside, today I had the pleasure of previewing Gone Girl - a movie which I - and no doubt countless others - have been hotly anticipating since reading Gillian Flynn’s gripping book  of the same name. I am not going to say ANYTHING other than GO! If you’ve read the book, great, but even if you haven’t, this is definitely a film worth watching. Gone Girl is out for general release in the UK this Thursday, October 2nd. 

I rarely post an outfit article on the day I wear the look - this is mostly down to timings - but today the stars aligned! 

This Boden cashmere jumper was a recent wardrobe addition via my good friends at The Apartment. I LOVE the optimistic colour and neat cut. A slim jumper like this one is perfect for tucking into skirts and trousers, slipping on over a silk shirt, or adding to a dress. As the seasons turn I rely on bolder accessories to lift an outfit - particularly necklaces over knitwear. I am loving tortoise shell jewellery right now and Bauble Bar have a brilliant selection. A leather midi-skirt has been one of my best purchases this year, it is SO versatile. I wore my Wishbone version to the screening and meetings today, and below I've rounded up a great selection on the high street.

Right I'm off to take my own advice and switch off for a few hours before bed! Hope you've all had a good start to your weeks!


MB x

Sunday, 28 September 2014

5 Ways To Start Your Day Well

Pic from my Instagram

The other day I got to thinking about what made my mornings tick. The routine that can get me out of bed and onto a 7.30am train (mostly) with a bounce in my step. Or make me feel inspired before sitting down for hours of desk time. Here are five, tried and tested, ways to begin your day with a smile. As the saying goes, start as you mean to continue . . . !

Go for a walk. Even if it's for ten minutes around the block, getting out into the fresh  air before heading to the office is a brilliant way of stimulating your body and mind. Recently, Oli and I have taken 15minutes or more outside every morning. It's amazing how much more HUMAN you feel for having some you time before work. 

Wait on the login. I try not to log into any technology for the first couple of hours of my day; that way when I start at my desk at 9 I feel fresh. If I have to check urgent e-mails, I flick over them and flag them for work time. And . . . 

Logout before bed. I read an article a while ago which said that looking at a computer or phone screen before bed stimulated your mind into thinking it way daytime - hence making it difficult to fall asleep. I always have a magazine or paper book beside the bed to read until my eyes get tired. At the moment I'm reading the third Bridget Jones - Mad About the Boy - ugh addictive! OH and I always write down a to-do list before sleep, that way I feel unburdened of any pressing issues as I know I can deal with them tomorrow

Have a hot towel waiting. This is such an old-lady tip, but I've found as the days are getting chilly that a warm towel makes getting in and out of the shower DREAMY. We don't have a radiator in our bathroom so I pop my towel in the drier for a few minutes, and love the feeling of it as I step out. I also got a beautiful new towel from Roos Beach Shop which makes me smile.  

Listen to your body. I used to get anxious if I left the house in a rush, grabbing a coffee and croissant on my journey to work and generally feeling sluggish, and well, crap. Now I make time for a balanced breakfast, a flick through the news, and a comfortable time frame to get ready in. If I have a particularly early morning I'll pack my bag, laptop case, and iron my clothes before bed too. 

I hope these tips help you kick start your days too lovely ones! Do you have any tips on how to get going with a smile? 

Here's to a great week!


MB x

Friday, 26 September 2014

Coat Pursuit

Coat: New Look c/o | Trousers: Chlee Jogger iSKO @ Bethnals c/o - Similar | Heels: Next c/o | T-shirt: Comptoir Des Cotoniers - Similar | Clutch: Karen Millen 

Hello you lovely lot! Happyyy Fridayyyyyyy! When I was still at University last year, I worked as a waitress along side the blog. My shift was, like clockwork, Friday night through to a double shift on Saturday. As such I missed out on that Friday feeling although I did love the crazy, eclectic, awesomeness of the weekend shifts. Now that I work Monday - Friday, I totally get how awesome it feels to know that on Saturday you're off ! I look forward to a weekend cappuccino and chocolate croissant all week. And a lie-in. And magazine time. Ugh, it's just heaven!! 

This weekend I am having a huge wardrobe clear out - YAY! Although obviously this shall be preceded by coffee + pastry. 
Since we moved house earlier in the year I've been systematically editing my wardrobe, selling some things, donating others, re-discovering . . . it's been cathartic, and healthy and made room for new items too. 
I've recently added a few Autumn/Winter pieces which I've been wearing on rotation. There's been a cold snap of late and I have been revelling in the excuse to begin layering.

Understandably, finding the perfect Winter coat is something which I feel many of us embark on with military like focus. A coat is what you will top off most outfits with and so it needs to fit many guises. For work, for the weekend, to match this colour, to go with that handbag . . . your Winter coat has a lot to live up to! Whilst I whole heartedly agree that investing in a good coat is a money-allocation you will not regret, there are FANTASTIC options on the High Street. This New Look coat costs £60. £60!!! It is a brilliant piece, the cut is flattering, the faux-leather trim is luxe, and it is warm without being stifling. If you are in the market for a coat under £100 I would fully recommend it. 

By keeping outerwear purchases under £100, there's a little more wiggle room to buy a few options,  rather than splurging all of your money on one. There are arguments for and against this, but if you're looking to buy into a trend - say colour, or print - then dipping your toe in with a high street bargain is the best way to go! I'm liking this white ASOS number for that very reason.  

Below are five fabulous coats for under £100! Go get 'em tigresses!


Righto, I'm spending the rest of the day with sleeves rolled up - wardrobe-sorting.

Mmm. Capuccino tomorrow. 

Have a BRILLIANT weekend all!


MB x 


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