Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Statement Jewels With Wallis

Of all the elements an outfit can consist of, jewellery totally has my heart. My heart and a huge section of my wardrobe. It figures then that when Wallis asked if I would be a part of a shoot to show off their latest jewellery pieces, I typed a very fast, very enthusiastic YES in return. 

In total we shot three Wallis Jewellery stories which will be featured on Wallis online over the next few weeks, stay tuned to my Twitter for updates. Today is the turn of our first styling feature, The Statement Piece. YAY!

Read on for more images, styling tips, and some behind the scenes snaps from the day . . . 

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Mini Grooming

This week I got to thinking about mini-grooming - the term I am coining to describe the little top ups which make us feel put together; minus hours of effort. Here are a few things which make me feel more groomed, which can all be achieved in minutes. YAY to that. 

- polished nails; I'm loving a sky blue right now. 

- lip balm; Burts Bees. Always. 

- a light tan; I cannot better St. Tropez bronzing mousse - it takes seconds! Bonus: no drying time.

- neat eyebrows; I have mine threaded every couple of months; and follow the shape with tweezers in between.

- clean hair; I am loving the Redken All Soft range + L'oréal Tecni Art = air drying - frizz. 

I figure if all of the above boxes are ticked, I'm pretty put together. Let's just ignore the patchy shaved legs tactically executed so as to match my ASOS Ridleys . . . 

What are your mini grooming fail safes? As always, leave me a comment and share below!

Have an awesome day all!


MB x 

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Little Black Tunic & Family

Tunic: Diesel Old But Similar And Cheap!, Trainers: Nike Old But Similar, Clutch: Monsoon Artisan, Watch: Casio Sheen c/o, Bracelets: Nadia Rabosio

I spent all of last week helping at my parents' Bed & Breakfast whilst my Mum was travelling and visiting relatives in Italy. Whilst I was stepping into my Mum's shoes, it hit me how immensely proud I am of the 'home away from home' my parents have built over the last 10 years. So many of their guests return each week/month/year proclaiming their love for my Mum, and Dad's, hospitality. Although I've done it before, every time I take on my Mum's role I am hyper aware of just how much HARD work running a Bed & Breakfast is; respect Mama. 

For me, my favourite moments at the B&B were setting up and serving breakfast - YUM - and seeing the bedrooms made up. Beds tucked in, towels on top, tea and biscuits ready for the guests' arrival; there is such a pleasure in (hopefully!) ensuring a guest's comfortable and pleasurable stay. When I finished my stint as head 'B&B-ress' on Monday, I took the whole day off for some serious pampering  - mani, pedi, shopping - the lot! - and allowed myself a full 'me' day. It is SO important to take rest, something I am especially aware of when owning your own business - it is easy to fall into work even on notional days off. 

Coming back yesterday to a backlog of emails was OK in the knowledge that I had recharged my batteries; and my pretty blue mani tapping away on the keyboard helped! In the evening my sister and her boyfriend visited and we spent a beautiful dinner with this view. 

Right now I feel as if I have two uniforms - writing 'home' wear, and my meetings 'work' wear. I am living in T-shirts, frayed denim shorts, comfortable dresses, trainers and sandals at home; and when it comes to meetings I am making more effort to dress up. This black tunic dress is one which I got before my trip to Calvi On The Rocks festival last year. The shape is divinely loose, allowing for me to work, and potter about feeling totally at ease. I have my eye on this oversized T-shirt dress too.  I massively under packed footwear for my stint at the B&B and was so grateful to slip my feet into my favourite pair of Nikes when I got home. When I'm staying local I tend to carry a clutch rather than a bag as I need so little with me. My Monsoon Artisan embellished number has become a perennial favourite, and I love that it dressed up my 'home wear' a little for dinner. I am getting my hair re-dyed this evening, but I've been playing with loose curls which show off the balayage - a ponytail or 'concentration bun' are my secret weapons for staying focused at my desk!


It is good to be back into a normal routine, but I am so grateful to have a family where we can step in and help each other out when we need it. I think that growing up with self-employed parents made me hungry to start my own venture, and I will forever be thankful for their encouragement in the start up stages, through to current developments, with The Elgin Avenue and my ventures. SAME to you guys, thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading, commenting, and being an awesome support - TEA's extended family rocks too!

Who or what inspires you guys? What is your everyday uniform looking like right now? As always, leave a comment and let me know . . . !


MB x

Friday, 11 July 2014

Pink Flowers Via The Photographer Rookie

I have been wanting to buy a better camera lens for MONTHS, and finally took the plunge this week investing in a Canon 1.8 50mm lens and Canon EF-EOS M mount adapter for my Canon EOS M. I am trying my hand at more personal photography, I love creating images so much - but - big but - I am starting from scratch! This really is a journey of trial and error . . . ! Today is the first day I've been trialling my new lens. Given that I am currently rocking a wet plait, no makeup, beige outfit getup I'm resisting shooting an outfit post - although oh my gosh I am SO excited for the first one using the new lens - instead I've been pottering around my parents' garden taking images of my Dad's pride and joy - his flowers. I am a HUGE flower lover myself and so snapping away his Summer's efforts was a complete pleasure. 

Read on for more of my rookie pics . . . you even get to see my cute pup Barney for the first time!


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