Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Monica Beatrice Welburn x Grazia

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Hey guys! How're you all doing? I am SUPER excited to share some news with you today; recently I've been contributing to Grazia Daily - one of my favourite websites, of one of my all time favourite magazines. YAY. YAY and YAY. We're three article in now, and I'll be contributing monthly for the time being. 

You can read my articles so far, here: 

Thank you so much for all of YOUR awesome support; when I started The Elgin Avenue a little over three years ago I never thought I'd be getting the opportunity to write for sites and publications I've admired and been a fangirl fan of for so long. It is in no small part down to your daily brilliance that this blog, and me personally, have been working away for all this time, and hopefully this is the beginning of another great chapter. So yep, you guys rock!

I hope you've all had a great start to your weeks too! I'd love to hear your thoughts on my Grazia articles so far . . . 


MB x

Friday, 15 August 2014

Sassy Sleepwear

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Hey friends! How you all doing? It's FRIDAY and I for one am pretty excited about the weekend   -   this week has knocked me for six! One of my friend's told me it's 'August exhaustion' -  is that a thing? Have you been feeling it?! Either way, I've been listening to my body, appreciating a little longer in bed in the morning, and as such have been giving extra thought to my sleepwear. Man, do I love pyjamas. 

Below I've rounded up my favourite sleep attire available now. The weekend is the perfect time to treat yourself to something extra-loungy. Just think of all that time in bed . . . zzzzzzz. 

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As you'll see from above, I love a matching set, Marks & Spencer have a super luxe-looking set, and Topshop have a tile print version which is pretty enough to split up and wear for day time too. I won't tell if you don't! On hotter evenings I like to wear boxers and a vest. Oli I just added a pair of beautifully crafted Sir Plus boxers to his my collection. And here's a little story about the fellas over at Sir Plus; when I was a student at LCF I used to take frequent trips to Portobello Market. One day I was on the hunt for a gift for Oli when I came across a charming chap, Sir Plus's founder Henry Hales, selling pocket squares and boxers from one of the market stalls. We got chatting and he told me how each of his products is made using 'cabbage' - fabric surplus. I bought Oli a navy polkadot pocket square which he adored, and intermittently I would bump into Henry, chat, and add to Oli's growing collection of Sir Plus ware. A few years on, I am SO happy to see Sir Plus doing so well; now encompassing a whole range of products from boxers - both mens and ladies - to dressing gowns, waistcoats and more. I have my eye on the beautiful silk and cashmere scarves. I so admire people who have the endurance, inspiration and creativity to start their own business; it's awesome. Check out Sir Plus for yourselves. 

What do you guys have planned for the weekend? I LOVED my magazine/coffee/bed snooze last weekend - I'm thinking of making it a Saturday morning habit - I totally recommend it to you too! Having cleared our downstairs, Ols and I now need to tackle our bedroom on Sunday, although it's a royal pain in the *** I know it'll feel cathartic and 100 x better once we have. 

Have a great one guys!


MB x

Thursday, 14 August 2014

The Room Divide

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Since moving into our new apartment this year, Ols and I have been tackling tasks for which we feel huge 'first time co-habiting' gratification; including: buying our first sofa, organising my home office and having enough pots and pans to have friends over all day, every day. However, there are still a number of home areas which are just killing me; two in particular . . .

1. Our bedroom is crazy cluttered - we have boxes of miscellaneous everything which need to be sorted or scrapped; and our clothes are taking over every spare surface and floor space known to man. 

2. Our entranceway - which we love (because seriously which small apartment has an entranceway?!) - plays host to our tumble drier and odd and sods which really look terrible. So much so that I've started putting THE biggest bunch of flowers directly to the right so that guests are (hopefully!) distracted enough to not look to the messy-left. 

We've finally reached our threshold and this weekend Ols and I are setting aside time to  sort through everything; and yes this means another IKEA trip (yay for me, hell for him. Ha!) I'll be on the hunt for organisation for our bedroom, and we are planning on installing a room dividing curtain to section off the 'utility' area in our entrance way. Of course Pinterest has served up inspiration aplenty; what did we even do before we could pin our home decor ideas?!

Have any of you guys used a room dividing curtain before? Do you have any tips for our crazy loft-bedroom? Specifically storage? Let me know in the comments below . . . .

Hope you're all having a great day!


MB x

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

10 Investment Handbags For Under £400

Buying an investment handbag is a milestone for any woman; a justifiable indulgent gift which will see you through occasions for years to come. A great handbag can elevate any outfit, make you feel confident and stylish. There are a tonne of designer handbags which will always warrant lusts, but  with prices often tipping over £1000, there a tonne of beautiful alternatives which are nicer on your wallet and equally great quality. Here's my roundup of 10 of the best Investment Handbags (including the blue babe above) for under £400 . . . 
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 

Thoughts On colour: A black bag is a perennial failsafe, it goes with everything and is smart for both work and the weekend. Personally, I love a grey bag; it's slightly softer than black but I've found that it goes with an equal amount. This structured Ted Baker one stole my heart. Nude leather requires maintenance but looks super chic, Rebecca Minkoff has an awesome architectural tote in 'latte'. As for colour, a great cobalt blue like my new favourite Russell & Bromley tote (top image), or electric orange are fantastic for pepping up ensembles. Block colours work best for versatility. 

Finally, don't overlook department stores! House Of Fraser stocks brands of quality at a good price, and Nordstrom ships internationally with a roster of brands including American labels.

Have you guys made your first big handbag investment? Or are you looking to do so at the moment? Which colour would you go for? 

Have an awesome day all!


MB x


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