Friday, 19 September 2014

Getting The Street Style Scoop With New Look | LFW

Hey lovelies! London Fashion Week Sept'14 came to a close on Tuesday and what an INCREDIBLE season it was! From the street style, to the shows, to events - I had the time of my life.  I feel so lucky to have been a part of LFW this September and to be able to share it with you. This season I had the awesome opportunity to partner with New Look for filming on Day 1, bringing you the best of LFW Sept'14 street style and a very special interview . . . 
Maliko from Silk & Suits in fantastic AW checks!

The New Look team and I had a strong idea of the trends we were looking to discover over LFW - my favourites of which were checks and chic blanket wraps. We found ALL our favourite trends and I was so excited to pick the brains of some of LFW's most stylish attendees. Keep tuned into New Look's You Tube channel for our special street style reports!

I also had the pleasure of interviewing lovely Made In Chelsea Star Rosie Fortescue. Rosie and I have known each other for a while and it was so much fun to hang out in the day and chat all things personal style. You can watch my interview with Rosie here - this lady gives seriously good getting ready tips!

Rosie and I wore New Look top to toe for the day, and we both mutually had moments of "oh my gosh -  I need to get that!" - in particular I fell for Rosie's heeled mules - they look so expensive BUT they're £39.99 peeps!
with lovely Rosie Fortescue 

adored this pastel getup! Check out the textures too!
New Look shoe love! L: my glitter heels | R: Rosie's mules 
loved this LFW-goer's pleats!
my favourite New Look clutch - only got a snap of it when I was in the taxi!

Notes on My Outfit: Whenever I'm filming, I like to think of something fun to wear on my top half as this is what will be mostly visible. I opted for a bold brush stroke printed tee, and some gorgeous statement earrings. A full skirt and ladylike heels completed the look and are an easy combination to pair with any number of alternative tops.

Thank you so much to New Look for such a fun time filming over LFW! Make sure you guys check out the New Look YouTube channel!

Have an awesome day all!


MB x

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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

No Makeup Makeup | LFW SS15

photo by Kris Atomic 

No makeup makeup - NMM for short - I feel goes hand in hand with terms including effortless chic and beachy waves - all of which convey a life beyond fashion and beauty routines but secretly - whisper it - take some effort. This London Fashion Week I had my first turn at NMM, a look inspired by the catwalks of Victoria Beckham (stateside), Jonathan Saunders and Mary Katrantzou (home turf).

When I was working in TV earlier this year, we had a steady stream of models in need of prep per each episode of our show. On set we had two makeup artists for every girl. NB: To clarify the models went in turn, there weren't literally hundreds of MUAs! But yep, there were still TWO of them. And one of them was entirely for creating the perfect luminous NMM base. If I've learnt anything - it's that a no makeup makeup look is an ART. Fortunately, one we can all learn . . . read on my friends.  
L: Mary Katrantzou SS15 | R: Jonathan Saunders SS15 | Photos Via  
photo by Kris Atomic 

This London Fashion Week I was treated to my own makeup masterclass when I visited Max Factor’s Skin Luminizer suite at the St Martin Lane Hotel. Max Factor ambassador, and celebrity makeup artist, Caroline Barnes, took me through the ways in which I could perfect my skin, whilst leaving it glowing, and importantly setting it for a whole day of LFW. Caroline first applied moisturiser, and then a little primer around my nose, cheek bones and chin areas - this was to smooth out imperfections. Caroline then used a green-tinted makeup crayon to counteract any redness in my skin. We then used two shades of Max Factor Luminzer foundation - one tan and one porcelain - to get my exact shade. Having just returned from Menorca my skin in darker than normal so it was great to see how easy it is to create a custom shade using two foundations. As I get fairer through Autumn I can mix the ratios - a little more porcelain, a little less tan. One of Caroline’s top tips was to look at the skin colour of your chest, and use this as a guide for the colour of foundation on your face - mix your colour and work from your neck upwards. This way you get an even colour from top to toe. GENIUS. Previously I have definitely fallen for having too tanned of a face when my body is paler in the Winter. Never again! Finally, Caroline use a highlighter crayon to illuminate my cheekbones, brow bone and the centre of my nose. No Makeup Makeup - the Max Factor way. 
photo by Kris Atomic  

As for the finishing touches - eyes, brows and lips, one of Caroline’s lovely colleagues gave me the Victoria Beckham SS15 runway look on my request. We went for a strong brow, copper eyeshadow and a nude glossy lip. 

Having had my makeup done first thing in the morning, I ran off to my first appointments of LFW . . .  and yep my NMM look stayed put the whole day. 

Luminous skin is the perfect start for any beauty look. Whether you opt to keep it as bare as I did, or use it as a base to build a more dramatic eye or lip, it is definitely worth experimenting with with No Makeup Makeup. Max Factor’s skin Luminizer is a great high street foundation to get you on your merry NMM way. 

The question now remains - do YOU dare to bare?! 

Today's the last day of LFW for me! I have been having THE most awesome time, this season has definitely been my favourite ever, ever - what a way to break in my first full working LFW! 

Tomorrow I will definitely probably be putting my feet up, but whilst they're still in heels see my #FWIS on Instagram!

Have an awesome day all!


MB x

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Saturday, 13 September 2014

Menorca Travel Diary | Part 2

crystal clear waters on the hike from Cala Galdana to Macarella beach

Hello you gorgeous lot! Happy WEEKEND! I was hoping to put up part two of my Menorca travel diary yesterday but the first day of London Fashion Week had me pooped by 5pm! Today I'm taking it fairly easy ahead of an LFW party this evening, so YAY, that means I get to catchup on Menorca. Right here. Right now. Writing from bed. 


Back to Menorca . . . 

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Menorca Travel Diary | Part 1

Macarella beach, Menorca - accessible by a short hike from Cala Galdana

Hey guys! How're you all doing? Technically I'm back at work after returning from Menorca, but my mind is totally still on holiday! Do you get that too when you return from a trip? It's like "I'll crack open a beer with that lunch thank you very much" (FYI I didn't, but you know the temptation was real!) and I'm reaching for frayed shorts, flip flops and a wicker bag for my meetings. It feels kinda good.

Confusing, but good. 

Before we run into the Fashion Week roundups, outfits and news, I am sharing Part 1 of my Menorca Travel Diary with you guys today, and the other half tomorrow. As many of you know, my family and I have an apartment on the island so Menorca really is a home away from home. This trip was extra doubly special as I was travelling with my sister Marietta for our first ever sisters-only holiday. It was AWESOME. Having the time away with my little Sis was the best remedy to a year of hard work. It is so special to spend time with our loved ones; if I've learnt anything from our trip it is that we should all take as much time as possible to do so and really be present when we do. I really limited my e-mail checking and social media over the time too which I think played a massive part in me feeling fully relaxed over the holiday.
Read on for a tonne more pics . . . 


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